Fortier Films

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Fortier Films is an independent production group. We strive to bring you high-quality films and educate you about the filmmaking process.


On this website, we will post all of our films for free. But if you would like, Fortier Films will be selling DVDs, Blu-Rays, screenplays, posters, and more. We will also be having give-aways of these items once in a while, so be on the lookout.


We will be posting our ratings of new Hollywood films in theaters and on DVD. There will also be posts on the gear we use, interesting articles, behind-the-scenes, and film news.

In the future we will be producing a DIY filmmaking internet TV show. We will have great tips and tutorials on visual effects, builds, and more. Our dream is to serve as an indy film school for anyone interested in filmmaking. We will cover everything from pre to post-production and comedy to horror.




Rafel Fortier, Fortier Films